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"The patient is our priority."


While Cornerstone Nutrition & Diabetes PLLC might be a relatively new business in name, the founders have years of experience providing care and prevention education with patients of all ages.  Cornerstone believes that nutrition really is the "cornerstone" of healthy living and take a lot of pride in educating patients as well as community with the tools to better manage their specific dietary needs.  At Cornerstone, you are our priority, and we strive to create relationships with each patient that promotes a positive learning experience.

Cornerstone Nutrition & Diabetes was founded by Sarah Barnes and Christie Bruehl out of a need and desire to better serve the community with informative, practical, and more importantly experienced, evidence based, professional dietary education that patients can apply to their every day lives.  Sarah and Christie are both State of Oklahoma licensed Dietitians with college degrees in Dietetics, serving the Oklahoma medical community for many years.  Providers who refer their patients to Cornerstone can take comfort in knowing they are receiving professional care, specifically catered to that patients specific needs.

We value the relationships shared with our Providers and look forward to serving our community together.

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